Vital statistics
Series Kingdom Hearts
Gender Male
Debut Kingdom Hearts
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
First Appearance All-Star Battlemania
Latest Appearence All-Star Battlemania 2
Special Moves
Neutral Special Strike Raid
Side Special Firagra
Up Special Finishing Leap

Down Special Thundaga

Finalmania Donald/Goofy Support
Sora is a playable character in the game, All-Star Battlemania and All-Star Battlemania 2. He uses moves similar to his appearances in the Kingdom Hearts series.

He is voiced by Haley Joel Osment.


Sora is a warrior alongside fighting with Donald and Goofy to fight the Organization known as the Heartless. Venture through the world of Kingdom Hearts where all the magical Disney worlds take place.


Sora uses his moves similar to the Kingdom Hearts series.

Neutral Special: Strike Raid

Sora will throw the Keyblade and it will spin in a static pace.

Side Special: Firagra

Sora will have different flames curling around him.

Up Special: Finishing Leap

Sora will leap in the air with the Keyblade.

Down Special: Thundaga

Sora will summon lighting.

Finalmania: Donald/Goofy Support

Sora will call out Donald and Goofy to help support Sora in the battle.


- Sora appears to use his voice from Kingdom Hearts II.