Vital statistics
Series Undertale
Debut Undertale
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
Appearances All-Star Battlemania

All-Star Battlemania 2

Snowdin is a stage based off of Undertale. In All-Star Battlemania, Sans and Papyrus were background characters along with Flowey. In All-Star Battlemania 2, they became playable characters except Flowey, who is now an Assist Card Fighter.


This is where Frisk meets up Papyrus and Sans. Papyrus wanted to become the Royal Guard by capturing the human. So he set up puzzles to test Frisk's abilities, before he battles him. In Genocide route, Papyrus dies, and it leads to Sans breaking Toriel's promise.

Music (ASB)


Music (ASB2)

  • Bonetrousle
  • Battle Against a True Hero
  • Death by Glamour
  • Bergentruckung/Asgore
  • Hopes & Dreams/Save the World