Planet Namek
Planet Namek
Vital statistics
Series Dragon Ball Z
Debut Dragon Ball Z (Chapter #53)
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
Appearances All-Star Battlemania

All-Star Battlemania 2

Planet Namek is a stage based off of Dragon Ball Z.


This is the planets where the Namekians used to live, before it went into destruction. While they lived peacefully, Frieza and his men decided to rule over it and collect the Dragon Balls.

This was the planet that Goku and Frieza fought, then the damage was done after the battle to the part where the planet blows up.

Music (ASB)

  • Challengers

Music (ASB2)

  • Challengers
  • Power Scale
  • Dragon Soul
  • A Hero's Despiration
  • Main Theme (Dragon Ball Budokai 3)
  • Cha La Head Cha La

Music (Early Versions)

  • Challengers Metal Remix