Vital statistics
Series Fairy Tail
Gender Male
Debut Fairy Tail (manga) Chapter 1
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
First Appearance All-Star Battlemania 2
Latest Appearence All-Star Battlemania 2
Special Moves
Neutral Special Fire Dragon's Roar
Side Special Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
Up Special Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang

Down Special Elemental Absorption

Finalmania Lightning Fire Dragon Mode
Natsu Dragneel is a playable newcomer in the All-Star Battlemania 2. Natsu uses the moves from the Fairy Tail series including the ability to consume his own flames.


Natsu Dragneel is a Mage that uses the power of fire. He is with the Fairy Tail Guild, along Happy. Among all this, Natsu is one of the 5 Dragon Slayers.


Natsu uses moves similar to Fairy Tail Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen.

Neutral Special: Fire Dragon's Roar

Natsu will make a roar to release fire out of his mouth.

Side Special: Fire Dragon's Iron Fists

Natsu will engage towards the opponent, punching his way with his flame fists.

Up Special: Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang

Natsu will rise up the air with a fire uppercut.

Down Special: Elemental Absorption

Natsu will consume fire to gain the Power Meter to release his Finalmania.

Finalmania: Lightning Fire Dragon Mode

Originally a temporary form Natsu could only use this to absorb lightning flames. In All-Star Battlemania 2, he can use this form when the Finalmania gauge is full, and he can release the Lightning Fire Dragon Mode, upgrading his abilities.


  • Natsu is the second newcomer in All-Star Battlemania 2.
  • Natsu is the only character that can charge his power gauge without hurting the opponent.
  • Natsu is rated at A- tier on the unofficial tier list due to his 'attack dash' tech out of his side-tilt and side-special, the ability to charge his own meter without damage and overall fast and unpredictable gameplay. He suffers from a poor, easily avoidable neutral special and an awkward hitbox on his grounded up-special.