Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Vital statistics
Series Five Nights at Freddy's
Debut Five Nights at Freddy's
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
Appearances All-Star Battlemania
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (or simply Freddy's) is a stage based off of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, notably the first game of said series. Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica can be seen in this stage with flashing eyes.


A nightguard Mike Schmidt has to take the night shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for five nights. The animatronics act weird and quirky at night, sometimes scary. In fact, they will forcefully stuff any human into a Freddy Suit, as it is against the rules at Freddy's, killing them in the process.

Music (ASB)

  • Five Night's at Freddy's Song